Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What a week

Has it really only been one week? Let me give you a 15 minute rundown of it and you'll see why I'm bushed.

Last Wednesday- Nathan and John spend the afternoon in the Dr for the thing up his nose. See previous post.

Last Thursday - We have our 2nd dinner guests of the week (who arrived just as we were finishing dinner since we thought they weren't coming and hadn't planned on them anymore. Luckily I had leftovers but...)

Last Friday - John has an all nighter Boy Scout "camp out" but it rained (as always) so 8 boys and 2 adults (big boys) slept in a barn, watched all 3 Lord of the Rings movies on my bed sheet with the DVD projector, and repelled off the side of the barn to get their climbing merit badge. I spent the entire night getting up with a kid every 30 minutes. Insane.

Last Saturday - John has the Boy Scouts at our house til 4 in the afternoon. I get home from the woman's broadcast for church at 11 after helping clean up.

Last Sunday- We have our 3rd set of people to dinner ( a new friend of Ava's from preschool and his twin 19 month old brothers and parents) in a week after not having anyone for 8 months. They turn out to be some of the awesomest people we've met in a long time and we hope we didn't scare them off (Hi Jayme and Hugh if you're reading this - we hope you come back!). Nathan seems to be coming down with a cold this night.

Monday- Kick around the house listening to Nathan's cold become a very nasty wheezy mess and finally get a hold of the doctor (after paging him 3 times) around 9 at night. Off to the ER John and Nathan go since his nebulizer doesn't seem to be stopping the wheezing. 7 hours (4 am) and many drugs later Nathan and John come home exhausted. They sleep till 11:30 am while I take Ava to preschool.

Tuesday- We try to make a follow up appt with the pediatrician and can't get past the office staff who repeatedly tells us they don't have any openings. Finally, we come in as a walk in at 5 that night and make them see us whether they like it or not- Nathan somewhat wheezy but not nearly as bad as the night before. The Dr is in a hurry to leave, so tells us Nathan's oxygen level is down, there's nothing more they can do and he needs to be HOSPITALIZED but our local hospital is full so he needs to take an AMBULANCE to the nearest hospital (hour and half away) that has any beds. I ask, can I drive him there myself and she tells me that he could DIE if he had any mucus clots or anything so she's not comfortable letting me do that. My head is spinning, I've got all 3 kids that have been waiting in the Dr office for 2 hours and they send me to our local ER to wait for transport to the other hospital. Nathan is bouncing off the walls - hyper from the treatments he's already gotten and lack of sleep. We (John came down to the hospital ASAP) sit in the local ER for 3 hours while they monitor Nathan, who they finally say is a golden patient and they can't find any reason why he would need to be admitted to the hospital. Thank goodness someone has sense and patience - we head home about 9:30 and crash. Nathan sleeps all night just fine.

Today - Nathan's a little wheezy but we keep him on the nebulizer and he seems fine, just a runny nose and little cough now. I head to the Dr to find out why in the world my forearms, wrists and thumbs are killing me for the past 3 weeks. He examines me and gives me dorky splints I'm supposed to wear daily and tells me they think I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and to take it easy. In the meantime, driving, writing on the computer (the real reason I haven't blogged for a week), folding laundry, and carrying fat boy Lias all hurt like crud to do. They also did blood work and we'll know in the next week or so if it's something like arthristis or even Lyme Disease (something bit me about a 2 months ago and gave me a really weird mark for about 3 weeks). I just hope whatever it turns out to be is something that can be fixed easily, but I'm guessing that's not how it will go.

Whew. I just reread this post and I think I'll go to bed and hope next week is a little better!


  1. My goodness, what a week you had! I felt exhausted just reading it. (; I'm glad that Nathan is doing better, but I hope they can figure things out quickly for you and get you better.

  2. I'm so glad Nathan is okay. That must have been so scary. I wish we lived close and we could have helped.
    Did you never get your spider/tick/ant/bedbug/brown recluse bite checked out?? Lynnie!! Let us know what they find out...I hope you're okay.

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun! Glad Nathan is okay!

  4. so what you're saying is that you are ready for us to come descend on you next weekend??? kidding. or not. let's chat.