Sunday, October 5, 2008

Who's the bigger kid?

We spent a quiet 2 days this weekend sitting around, cleaning the garage and seeing which one of us (John or me) is the bigger kid. As we all sat around the kitchen listening to conference (our church has a Semi-Annual Conference broadcast around the world each April and Oct) I kept noticing John folding paper. I figured he was just doodling and since he did let me take a 2 hour nap this morning AND fed the kids breakfast AND lunch AND was making dinner, I didn't want to rock the boat(or get sucked into some adventure) by asking him what he was doing. Right after conference he jumped up, grabbed the papers and the kids (well, all the kids that can walk) and ran out the door. I followed to find this scene.

Yes, that's my almost 30 yr old husband standing on top of the icehouse in our front yard, throwing a paper airplane. And that's my 4 yr old and 2 yr old watching and learning and loving every minute of it.

He had made at least 5 different types of airplanes and wanted to see which one would fly the best. And of course he had to get leverage and momentum so where better than the top of the roof of the icehouse?

After each throw Ava and Nathan were recruited to find the airplane before Allie (our dog) did and bring it back to John for another throw. They ran around like crazy looking for all the planes and fueling John's fire by yelling, "Wow, Dada - that one went SO FAR!" and giving him adoring looks the whole time. I got roped into the fun too cause they weren't quite big enough to reach the planes back up to him.

Wind Blown Hair

Nathan dreaming of being just like Dada

You gotta admit, he's almost as cute as the kids. This is definitely where my babies get their dimples and looks from.

Fun's over - Lias got ahold of the planes

And my efforts to have some coolness factor with the kids too: We made a whole family of scarecrow people last night and even let the kids paint their faces on. We were thinking of giving them hair out of straw but ran out of daylight and energy so right now they'll just remain hairless. And please ignore my patriotic attempt that never got taken down after the 4th of July. I'm just waiting for next year.

Scary Family

Really Scary Family

Lias almost 4 months

The real deal


  1. looks like fun.
    The other day Brian bought a book on different ways to fold paper airplanes and some special paper to fold them out of.
    Maybe he can let John borrow it sometime.
    I like your pictures too

  2. Hi Lynnie. This is Brooke (Banks) Baker. I found your blog from Sarah's. Your family is ADORABLE! It sounds like everyone had a lot of fun. And I hope you don't mind me stalking your blog. Let me know if so.

  3. Connor looked at your pics and got all excited to see Lias, and then said, "Silly Nathan!" I'll have to send Adam this link. You know how he likes the icehouse.

  4. haha. that does sound like John. As do the words "leverage" and "momentum" as both can apply to stats.

    Wow, what a look from Lias! Guess he learned how to focus on objects further than 6 inches from his face?