Tuesday, October 28, 2008


What do you get when you mix 11 kids, 10 adults, 1 birthday and 5 pumpkins on a Saturday night? A rocking birthday party - for me of course.

I turned 28 on Sunday so about Friday I decided I wanted a party. We called up a few friends and it turned into a great night. Everybody brought a desert, which left me and John all the birthday cake to eat the next day. We also had a You Tube party (John's idea) where everyone told us their favorite You Tube clip and we watched them all up on the big screen. Hurray for high speed internet. I'm now 28 lbs heavier too after eating everyone's yummy deserts.


  1. ohhhhh yay, wish I was there. Happy birthday my favourite friend. kiss kiss.

  2. No...don't you know that birthday cake is fat and calorie free??