Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Don't stick your finger up your nose... the Outcome

I wish I didn't have another post about Nathan but currently he's at the doctor with John to inspect his nose. As I sat nursing Lias this morning he brought me a piece of the bean bag foam that had fallen out of the hole in the bean bag (the hole had been taped up until Nathan pulled it off yesterday). But two seconds later I heard Nathan say, "uh oh Mama" and stick his finger up his nose. One spotlight, one pair of tweezers and after one huge fight I realized I couldn't even see the foam anymore so off he went to the doctor. Hopefully they'll tell us that it came out the other side and he swallowed it but who knows. Boys.

Stay tuned for the outcome.


So after 2 hours at the doctor John calls to tell me that they had to put him under and attempt to get the foam out....but Nathan ruined the joke by throwing a tantrum in the background. So home they came, with or without the foam we're not sure but we're not willing to put him under to let them shove something up his nose to see if there really is something up his nose. Anyway, they tell us that if the foam is stuck up there he'll start to smell really bad and have a discharge (ie, runny nose) and then we'll have to decide what to do. Don't hold your breath but I think its safe to bet that the foam went all the way through and I should be looking for it out the other end. Any one wanna come join me in my search?


  1. I really don't want to laugh, but he is just all boy. If it comes out of one hole, it should go back into another, right?
    Hope it all turns out ok--let us know!!

  2. lynnie i love your blog. it was great seeing you and your family this summer. I miss you guys :(

  3. he he! Hey I was watching some medical show the other night and a little girl had something up her nose. The Mum put her finger on the nostril where the bead wasnt and then blew into the kids mouth short and hard. AND out came the bead! I wonder how many trips to the hospital you guys will have in the next 20 yrs!!!!

  4. I tried the blowing but it didn't work. We'll just see if it starts to fester and then go take care of it.

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