Thursday, February 28, 2013


We've got some sickies over here today.  

You can tell by the size of the bed head going on up there. Pretty impressive. 

Of course, it has to happen when John's gone for 2 weeks on a business trip to Russia. Fate works that way, huh? I don't think I got more than a few hours of sleep last night since I jumped up with every sound that came from the boys room, hoping to prevent any middle of the night sheet changes. 

I haven't seen this guy take a nap in years, so I know he isn't feeling good. That and you can tell by the redness of his ears. The ears always give it away. 

He started complaining of a bellyache the night before last. When I mentioned he was probably going to throw up he just about lost it in hysteria. He's been hugging that ice cream bucket ever since. 

I guess I really can't blame him. I would probably be traumatized too if the last two times I threw up were Christmas Eve and in the middle of our big family reunion in Florida this summer. Not good memories, either one. 

Ah-oh. I see eyes now, even if they're hazed.  Check out the asthmatic shiners around his eyes and the dull look. This kid is pretty easy to read by just looking at his face. I've always been able to glance at him and tell if he's sick, tired or can't breathe. Unfortunately, getting him to agree with me about any of the three has always been the tough part. 

He's definitely not one to go down without a fight. The house has a whole different feel about it when he's not feeling good since usually his feet are dashing around, hopping and jumping and he just can't figure out how to contain all his energy. With John gone and everyone a little subdued anyway, I can honestly say I missed his craziness the past few days. 

I've been discovered. He also is very sensitive and doesn't like much attention on himself, positive or negative. It'll probably be years before he'll be ok with these pictures being up on the computer.  I hope someday he'll forgive me for documenting the rare stillness of the "Nathan-in-the-wild". 

And he's back out. It's a hard job, growing up. Hope he's better soon. We miss his liveliness. 

This "beef turkey" is sick too. 

He just doesn't know it. He came to me in the middle of the night also with a fever. But it sure isn't keeping him down today. 

He's enjoying sneaking around the house, being quiet as a mouse and playing with all the Legos that usually he has to share. 

Look, a rare glimpse of the elusive "Elias's eyes"!!! They do exist and they're actually a very cool color of grey-blue-hazelish. They just often get lost in his smiling face. 

Which is ok too, cause he's pretty cute either way. 

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  1. Great photos! You should get out your big camera more often. And I LOVE that sofa! Do you know someone who reupholsters, too?! Talk about connections!!