Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Is Coming....

(This is a little song we sing over here - compliments of years of Joy School in the Donovan Household)

Spring is coming...

How do I know?

A little birdie told me so.

Ahhh! This is what happens when you don't post for three weeks! Little birdies turn into scary teenage birds!!

Welcome spring. Welcome garden. Welcome 50 new strawberry plants, 2 dinner plate dahlias and hundreds of sprouting tulips. Welcome dirty feet and hands and faces and nightly baths. Welcome wide open front doors and all-the-time outside playing kids. Welcome dirty crawler knees and dirt-eating-for-the-first-time babies. Welcome newborn calves with fuzzy hair and wobbly walks. Welcome green grass and lactating mama cows. Welcome popcorn trees and little purple flowers that bloom in the snow. Welcome soon-to-be born hundreds of baby goats and the sound of "maaaaaamaaaaaa" from the field all day long.
Welcome to our farm spring - we're glad you came our way.

1 comment:

  1. ohhh I love Spring. That is a freaky chook! I am impressed that you spent ages making those cutesie hair ties!!! A bit beyond me! Havent got the patience!