Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kinda Freaky

About a month ago I got one of those "urban legend" forwarded emails that talked about some random people going around Centeral Virginia door to door posing as college students. It said that they would try to give you a bottle of dish soap or an erosal can of Febreeze or something of that nature and then tell you they were conducting a study or taking a survey, then try to get into your house. There would be another few people in an SUV in the driveway and if the first was able to get into your house then the others would follow in an attempt to rob you or do harm. I thought, sure whatever and deleted the email.

So today about 2:45pm we (me and the kids) were doing laundry when we heard the doorbell ring so we gathered us all up and headed down. Ava got there first, then came running back to tell me she didn't know who it was but they were still there. I opened the door, with Lias on my hip, to a clean cut guy who held out a can of Febreeze and told me he was in the neighborhood giving out free samples. A little chill came over me and the email came rushing back to me so I immediately told him I wasn't interested and started pushing the kids back inside. He kept holding it out to me and telling me it was free and I just shut the door and locked it and he headed back to the SUV waiting in the driveway, with another guy in the driver seat. I had enough sense to try to write down the license as they drove away and I think I got most of the plates. Then I started checking my trash mail and found the email that talked about this and got kinda freaked out when it listed exactly what had just happened to me.

I called the local sheriff to report it and they told me I was the 5th person to report this in 3 days in our county. The email I had read had mentioned that it was happening in counties south of us and in the town we hang out in, which is about 25 minutes away. I guess a few people have gotten robbed at gunpoint and the email mentioned someone had been shot but I'm not sure how accurate it was. I decided not to call my neighbors since the sheriff said they usually pick only 1 house in an area and then move on.

I guess we're an easy target since we're off the road and have a pretty conspicuous house. It kinda unnerved me that someone would be that bold with all the trucks and office and going-ons on the farm around our house. I just wish that John would have been in the office (he was out in a field) so I could have sent him after the guys with his arsenal. Anyway, it was kinda freaky and I've got my doors locked tonight.


  1. hey,
    i'm glad you're all ok.
    say hello to everyone for me!

  2. Lynnie, I'm so sorry that happened to you. Wow. THat must have been so unnerving. I'm so glad that you were prepared and knew to be on your guard.

  3. Holy cow, Lynnie! That's crazy - I guess I always figured those urban legends were really...well, urban legends. Glad you're alright. :)

  4. That is just CRAZY! I'm glad you're all ok too....

  5. I think I would have wet my pants. That kind of stuff terrifies me, particularly after I saw the movie "The Strangers." I'm glad you got that e-mail in advance.

  6. arrrrrggggggggggg.. Ive got the goosebumps. Im so glad you remembered the email. That's all.

  7. Oh my gosh--and your babies were right there too--that is so scary!! I'm so glad it turned out okay. From the road you can't really see the office, so maybe they just figured you were a rich millionaire living in your mansion house.