Sunday, March 15, 2009

He crawls! He stands!

9 month update on Lias

This baby is a mover and a shaker. He decided to crawl about 3 weeks ago and he really hasn't stopped moving since.

He got around pretty good before that by being a bum scooting baby but I think he's decided crawling might be a little faster.

He's also sprouted 5 new teeth in about 5 weeks. All my kids have gotten their first sets about 4 months, but he was a little behind and got his about 5. He's caught up to all the others though and is holding even with 8 teeth at 8 months, just like Ava and Nathan. Fun times, fun times.

He's definitely got Nathan beat in the movement department, who didn't decide to crawl till 11 1/2 months, and Ava wasn't very good at it till almost 9 months. But what's amazed me (besides the fact that I've posted a whole series of my baby extremely snotty nosed) is that he's decided to pull up so fast.

He pulls up to anything and everything - stable or not. His favorites currently are the table chairs, cardboard boxes and the 4 potted plants in the hallways. He's also become quite good at throwing things, with his favorite being the dirt from the potted plants. "Lias in the plants!" is the cry that gets me moving the fastest these days. Luckily, spring is right around the corner and they're all going outside where he can throw to his hearts content.

Please also note that he's still too chunky to even think about buttoning his pants. I'm hoping some of this movement will slow him down a little in the growth department cause I'm running out of clothes for him. Too get out of this stand, he just plops down on his cushioning and he's off to another adventure. Busy, busy, busy but, uuummmm, he sure is cute.


  1. These are so incredibly cute. Can I babysit.

  2. That is exciting. Will rolled over the other day for the first time. He is getting really big...well not big like Lias but tall. I think he's going to be really tall. Sorry, I'm talking about my son on your blog thats not very polite but i just can't help it. I'm jealous of your sunny spring weather. We still have lots of snow. I'm waiting for the ground to thaw to build some working corrals so that I can breed my cows. Maybe I should just get a blog...thanks for sharing your blog, its fun.

  3. Oh my word--I can't believe that! He's getting so old. And look at all his hair. That settles it--I'm just going to have to kiss his face off.

  4. it was so good to see you guys! your kids are so cute! can't wait to see you again. we'll have to make it soon.

  5. Hey Lynnie, I never check Facebook so i didn't know that you sent me your blog. You have some really cute kids. And those bows are beautiful. I live in Utah, and I don't know how to make them. But then again, I don't have any girls to wear them either.


  6. What a doll! It's been awhile since I checked your blog (or anyone's for that matter) and I can BELIEVE how big Ava is! It really does seem like yesterday that she was toddling around in the branch nursery. Crazy! I hope you are well.

  7. Are ya gunna get a gate for the stairs! That will be fun! I ran to the sounds of screaming from the girls the other day to find Rowan up the bunk bed ladder! Scary! Lias is such a spunky monkey, snot nosed and all and I LOVE ti that eh cant do his pants up! What a man! And as for the tick, she sure knew it was there, she said it was turning and turning and was hurting her so much. Gross!