Sunday, June 1, 2008

Living large.....

Since I've had this attitude from about 7 months along (which is when this picture was taken), I can't imagine I'd be any happier with life now that I look like this:

Technically, I've got 2 days left to go to get this baby out of me, but since the ultrasound date was May 31st I feel like I'm already overdue. I've been trying to ignore every little pain and contraction but it's hard when anytime after the 37th week you think it could happen any day. We've been trying to tempt fate by scheduling all kinds of things. We went 5 hours away to the beach last weekend and happened across a cool U-Pick strawberry patch on the way home. John picked, I ate and the kids played and picked green strawberries.

Ava was into posing and showing off her strawberry and new hairdo. Nathan was into the strawberry picking. He filled up half a bucket by himself.

There was a huge storm a few days before we got to Ocean City and it washed a bunch of the beach out and created a big sandbar a little ways out into the water.

One of the few bad things about the beach: it’s impossible to get all of the sand off your feet.

Ava is feeling a little camera shy and cold. The week before Memorial Day is great for beating the crowds but still a little chilly. There’s our hotel and our classy camo camping chair in the background.

Nathan got a John Deere birthday cake. We didn’t tell him it was a redecorated cake leftover from the baby shower the night before.

Nathan’s new fishing pole. It didn’t take him long to figure out how to crank it.

Here’s the catfish Nathan caught on his birthday. He’s set up for a disappointing life of fishing now since he caught a fish nearly as long as him the first time he went. It’s all down hill from there.


  1. Lynnie I'm so proud of you for blogging! Hurry up and get that baby out... :)

    Love you!

  2. Oh my gosh...
    I just found your blog!
    Good luck with everything & congrats!
    Look me up! We have soooo much to chat about!
    Miss you!
    -Jenny G.

  3. Jenny-
    So glad you found me too but I can't find you! do you have a blog or email? try me at or send me your info. I'll keep ya updated about this stinking baby. he's now 2 days overdue.

  4. ALWAYS take baby powder to the beach!