Sunday, June 15, 2008

Home Again, Home Again Jiggetty Jig

I can't believe we've been home a whole week and still I haven't gotten anything posted yet. Every day I think maybe I'll get a chance but then life hits again and I have to go nurse a baby. But slowly and surely things are getting back to normal (although your old normal never returns after a new baby) and we're getting into the swing of things. Here's a quick run down of the last week.

Elias McKean Genho decided to honor us with his presence at 3:59am (why are babies never born in the daytime?) on June 6, 2008 - three days late and obviously well cooked since he came out a whopping 9.6 lbs and 20 inches. Elias is after John's great-grandfather, Elias Asad Alid Genho from Lebanon. We decided not to go with the Asas Alid part so he didn't randomly get checked at every airport screening. McKean was my grandmother's maiden name and somewhere back there we're related to Thomas McKean, who signed the Declaration of Independence. Nathan has been calling him "baby Lias" so we've all started leaving off the E. Ava likes to remind him that his name is Lias McKean. We thought maybe we'd call him Eli but so far that hasn't taken. Who knows what will stick.

We made it to the hospital in Culpeper, which is about 25 minutes away, with only about 25 minutes to spare and he was born in the Labor/Delivery triage room, where they take you to decide if you really are in labor or not. Luckily, they decided pretty quickly that I could stay and were even nice enough to call in the doctor (and it was the doctor I wanted to deliver me-yeah!). She made it for the last 5 minutes of labor, caught the baby, fixed me up and was back in bed within an hour. Not bad, if you ask me.

Hot, Sweaty and Finally Not Pregnant Anymore

Unfortunately, my mom wasn't so lucky and walked in about 5 minutes after the birth. This was the first time that John and I had done it alone (although I do remember about 5 nurses telling me to breathe, not push) so it was a pretty cool experience - even if it only lasted about 30 minutes. If we have another we may have a chance to really do it alone if these babies keep coming as fast as they do. Nathan's labor was only 2 hours, and Elias shaved 45 minute off of that one.

After all the technical details of weighing (9.6 lbs), measuring (20in long and 14.5 inch head), and bathing (lots and lots of fat rolls)........

Meaty Forearms...

Backfat a cattleman could be proud of...

Chunky Thighs

All we wanted to do is sleep......

But lucky Elias - he has older siblings to make life interesting!

Wanna cookie???

Chubby cheeks

Ava's real live doll

Three kids?? Am I crazy??

Stop touching me!!!

Things calmed down after awhile when the kids realized there was a TV in my room that played cartoons. Hence the not looking at the camera shots---

Now that we're home we're having fun just loving him.


  1. He is so cute!!!
    I love chubby babies!
    You know they are healthy & they don't seem so fragile! Good thing esp. since he gets so much love from the big kids!
    You have such a beautiful family! Gets some rest!
    -Jenny G

  2. awwww Lynnie... I love that post! I cant believe how fat he is!!!! And the back fat comment!! he he! You make em good girl! He is awesome! Gunna call soon. Love ya...

  3. He is so sweet! Love all the pictures. Glad you are all doing well!

  4. What a tank! :):) He's a DOLL though. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog! YAY! I love when friends get blogs! Genho lif is looking pretty good. Jaska took one look at your incredible farm house and became incredibly jealous. :) Keep in touch--I'll be checking back to see how you guys are doing. (Your kids are BEAUTIFUL by the way.)

  5. Dale was a big baby and two things I remember very clearly are one I didn't worry one bit about him getting sick because he was so big and healthy. And secondly my arms got tired very fast! I just couldn't hold him as much as my others. While I was nursing, he would put my arm to sleep. But he was the happiest and most pleasent, I hope you enjoy the a good baby like I had.

  6. Thanks for all the commments- it's nice to know that people actually look at this since I've just started blogging again! Elias is a great baby, but all mine have been easy. I just have way too much milk so he overeats and then throws up. Such is life....

  7. Hi Lynnie! I just was on Michele's blog and found your blog from there. Your children are beautiful! I've had chubby babies too, particularly Lucas, who would also overeat and throwup. I had like 20 bibs I rotated just to hopefully keep him in one outfit for more than a couple hours! Congratulations!

  8. come on ya slacker, lets have some more photos. Surely a baby doesnt take up all your time! Ha!!

  9. I forgot to tell you how sexy you looked in those pink silky pyjamas!!! Ohhh I miss you!

  10. I always inspired by you, your opinion and attitude, again, appreciate for this nice post.

    - Thomas