Thursday, June 5, 2008

No End In Sight.....

So here I am, 2 days overdue and no end in sight that I can see. I went to my doctor yesterday, who had a decent prognosis but I think they have to act cheerful. After her exam (and 3 tablespoons of castor oil earlier that morning) I had a good 3 hours of contractions, hard enough that John and I didn't head home. We walked around town and had the contractions coming at a good 3-4 minutes and hurting. There was a huge, awesome thunderstorm so we sat in the parking lot of Lowe's to wait for it to end. When the contractions got down to every 3 minutes we decided to head out to find a phone to let my mom, at home with the kids, know what was up. We quickly realized that the only place in town with power still on was the hospital so we headed there, even though I didn't think I was quite ready to check in. Then I realized everyone I know has a cell phone (we had left ours a home) so I went to a friends instead and used her phone. But as I was talking to my mom I didn't have any contractions and even for an hour after that nothing. So we just went home and went to bed and here I sit still, with nothing happening.

I guess babies just come when they want but those 3 hours of contractions last night made me very aware that I'm not too excited for the real deal, even though I want this kid out. What a choice: be miserable and huge or go through labor. Isn't there some other way? I'll keep you updated........


  1. I love it how you always end up sitting in the car in a carpark somewhere having contractions!!!!!

  2. the storm was very cool but the contractions weren't.