Thursday, April 22, 2010

Going back to the simple country life

Today Ava was playing on the playground at school with Cassia, her little friend that she's known since preconception, seeing as Cassia's mom and I were freshman and best friends at college together.

I guess another little girl tried to take Ava away and told Cassia she couldn't play with them, so Cassia started to cry.

As Ava explained it, she "felt like Cassia was probably pretty sad, so I went over to her and put my arm around her and asked her if she just wished they could go back to the country life". Cassia tearfully told her, "Yeah, I wish we could go back to when we were 4 again."

Living out here together on the farm, Ava and Cassia had been each others only real friends for their first few years. They spent many a days playing dress-ups or frolicking in the yard or trying to ditch Nathan.

And who could forget tons of days spent in the back of a pickup truck, or inside the red thing, or outside of a pen, watching their dads work cattle..

And, even though Cassia's 6 months older and Ava's 6 inches taller it doesn't matter to them. I don't think you could find two little girls with two more different personalities but I also don't think you could find two better friends.

Here's to the country life!

(As I write this, my husband may or may not be out coon hunting. I'm not telling....)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tall, dark and haaaaaand-some

Now which one for the wall? 2 is the best "classical looking" but 1 and 3 show his personality best, which is spastic goofball. Decisions, decisions...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Orchard Blooms

And Mr. Too Cool for his own good

Happy Spring

Disclaimer: Yes, I have a third child but he was in Tennessee with John (which is the only reason I was able to get these pictures) picking up a load of goats. We'll try him this afternoon.