Monday, May 10, 2010

Naugh - E

Doesn't this baby look sweet and innocent?

Now he's starting to look a little naugh - e...

And now I can tell he's up to something for sure.

Whatda I tell you? Naughty, naughty, naughty.

Checking out his mess.

"This picture here is you and here's me, giving you a sweet hug, Mama"

Telling himself "NO, NO, E-LI" Very emphatically. Too bad it's 10 minutes too late.

The nerve. The audacity. The will to try again, in plain daylight and not even behind my back?

The evil eye.

If my eyes are closed, then you can't see what I'm doing, Mom.

Finally, the good sense to skedaddle before I blister his little behind. What a naughty twerp. But a dang cute one, huh?


  1. hahaha Yes- very cute! That's the only way kids can get away with stuff like that!

  2. I love the look on his face when he starts in again with the pen! What a little stinker! Good thing they're adorable!

  3. ohh I love and miss the way you talk!

  4. Fudge is Darby's account but it was her Mum Chelsea!

  5. hahaha. My kittens must have read this post. This morning I came downstairs to them curled up in the middle of the clean tablecloth, dead to the world. They know they're not supposed to be on the table, but who can move a pile of cuteness?

    I think young of any species know they are cute and use it to their maximum advantage.

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