Thursday, May 27, 2010

Let the Fun Begin

At the crack of dawn, one of my brothers showed up after driving 16 hours straight, on top of another 20 hours before. Then about 6 hours later another car pulled into the drive carrying 4 other siblings and my dad. The porches are now clean, the yard is mowed and weed eaten, the brick walkway is reclaimed from the weeds and there are $100 bucks worth of beautiful flowers sitting in my sparkling clean garage. We stayed up til midnight watching Dirty Jobs and tying lime green and hot pink tulle onto 150 handouts to give to guest in 2 days. During our dinner, a single 3 ft by 1 ft package showed up, holding about 50 massive Gerbera daisies. The delivery man told us it was the 1st of 17 packages of flowers to come. We hope he's not right. Ava, Nathan and Lias are in heaven wrestling and playing with uncles and aunts. Most are asleep right now, and I'd better join them before I crash, but don't you kinda wish someone would get married every year just so you could all hang out more? Bring on the wedding chaos, we're having fun......


  1. I loved last year... when four of my siblings got married. FOUR weddings. I only missed one of them, but all the others, man, it was a constant party! And always at a california or utah hotel room!:) Love your family! (the two that I've met at least!)

  2. The wedding was a great success! Your yard looked beautiful and the weather couldn't have been more perfect! I'm so glad we were able to be there!!