Saturday, May 8, 2010


Almost 4 is such a hard in-between age. He's not quite little enough to be a baby, but not quite old enough to be a big kid. He's goofy, funny and incredible articulate one minute, then whining and falling apart, desperately needing a nap the next minute. He gets confused between older and bigger, telling us all the time that when he gets to be a big dada THEN he'll be older than Ava. Yet he's one of the deepest thinking little kids I've met, and especially, that I've had to come up with answers for. He asks daily about why Allie died and if we can kill Satan and if Heavenly Father has a potty up in Heaven. Tonight he told me he doesn't have to go to the potty "often" since we had a whole conversation about what the word "often" meant today. He threw a fit at the church while we were cleaning so I left him in the glass entrance to the building while I washed the window 25 ft away. When he came out (which he was free to do anytime he stopped screaming) he told me he thought someone was going to take him, hence the conversation about kids not "often" getting kidnapped. He's cautious about things like getting his hands muddy, yet impulsive and spastic.

Sweet, sweet but can't control his little body so kisses you so fiercely and repeatedly it hurts. Runs up to Lias excitedly and hugs him so hard he cries, even though he's not trying to be malicious. Constantly fidgeting and dancing and sick of me asking him to go to the bathroom because I'm misreading his "body language". (We had a whole conversation about that term too - thanks to The Little Mermaid). Generally, self absorbed but occasionally blows me away with his niceness and willingness to help. Must be coddled or watch out and be prepared to deal with it for the next 45 minutes. CAN NOT handle suspense - turns away when anything remotely, or lots of things not even remotely, suspenseful happen on movies. I found him hiding behind a big couch pillow today, trying to watch The Fox and the Hound. Finally, after about 20 minutes, he dashed over to the TV and turned it off, so relieved to have the suspense gone. Transitions are hard for him - on Wednesday we'll mention something about church on Sunday and he'll start anxiously telling us he hates church, even though he loves his class when he gets there. He's smart. He can whip out a puzzle in no time flat, knows almost all his ABCs and is sounding out a few words, mainly N-O and O-N, which he finds everywhere and points out repeatedly. But he will. not. sing. them for anybody.

He's such an extreme personality. I hope he keeps his spunk, but learns to control his highs and lows. In the meantime, I'll try to cherish his little warm body cuddled in between John and I every night (even if he kicks us to death and gets bribed with all kinds of rewards for staying in his own bed) and try to keep my cool a little better when his excitement gets the better of him.

Ps. Pictures by my friend Tiff, she's great huh? And she's looking for families to photograph!


  1. thats a great post. a keeper for sure to read back when he is older! highs and low... ahhh yes... I have one of them!

  2. I'm so glad you updated, Lynnie. I check every day :)

  3. What a little doll! Of course, the ups and downs can drive the sanest of mothers crazy!

  4. Ditto to Jeff's comment! Nathan is a typical almost-4 year old... So cute!

  5. Ha! I was reading this and thought--this sounds just like Isaac, I bet they could be friends. And then, oh wait--I bet they would just beat the crap out of each other! HA ha!

    btw--Jaska has decided he wants to be a farmer. So if John ever needs a farm hand....:)