Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's getting ridiculous here on the funny farm....

He's are becoming she's and she's are turning into he's. Or something like that.

Last afternoon around 5pm Ava went out to check on the teenage bunnies, who now reside in a dog cage in the garage, and she came back in with a disturbing tale she was telling. "Mama, I think one of the new baby bunnies got into the bucks cage cause there's something moving in there." This is the buck we bought at the auction to breed to the mother rabbit who has now had 2 litters in 4 weeks- how naive were we to think we needed a buck around to help with that? Ha! They just spontaneously have babies here on the funny farm.

Anywho, back to our crazy tale. "No, Ava, I don't think a baby is in the bucks cage." I reassure her. "Maybe a mouse got in there or something. I'll come look." I head outside to see this buck that's sitting in a plastic tub that used to house the baby chicks that met such an unfortunate end a few weeks ago due to our dumb dog. The tub is still full of old dirty chicken litter and now has rabbit urine and feces too. After the new babies arrived on the scene we decided we'd just send this buck back to the auction since we obviously were not in need of his services. We've thrown him a little rabbit food and usually remembered to give him some water in the past few days, but that's as much effort as we've got time for with 60 goat babies and 12 bunny babies and 12 baby chicks kicking around.

It doesn't take long after looking in the tub for us to realize we've been fooled once again by the auction. Yep, our "buck" just gave birth to at least 6 tiny, red, baby hippos that are wiggling in all that old chicken crud and rabbit crud and a huge pile of rabbit fur. Who knew that a mother rabbit pulls out all her hair to make a nest and it looks like a rabbit went through the lawn mower? So we now have at least 16 baby rabbits on our funny farm, and 12 of them are unwanted and unplanned and uninvited. We're selling the 4 teenagers now but we'll see if anyone wants them. And wouldn't you know it - the auction that we were planning on taking them to this weekend to get rid of them is canceled due to a death in the family. And John just left this afternoon on a 3 day business trip.

Ava sure is excited though. She never dreamed we'd have this many rabbits. If they survive long enough to get hair on them I'll post some pictures. On the bright side, we should have tons of cute bunnies to play with soon.


  1. I guess rabbits don't get their reputation for nothing. I'm really dissapointed that two ANIMAL SCIENCE graduates can't figure out the difference between a buck and a doe. Okay, I'm just kidding I can't tell the difference either, its really hard. When I had rabbits I just had to put them in the pen and watch them to figure out who was who.

  2. That is HILARIOUS! I think the "abstinance only" program isn't working so well for you guys...or maybe you got yourselves some bunnies capable of asexual reproduction. What will Cliff say?? Didn't he tell you that all you guys do is "breed"...this is not exactly strong evidence to the contrary. It's got to be something in the water.

  3. Sounds like a pretty exciting life. We don't get to deal with things like that in good ol' Salt Lake City! You have such a beautiful family! Keep enjoying it!

  4. you could get rich!!! and I NEED photos please!!!!

  5. they're not the cute little bunnies when they first come out :) i love that you guys have so many cool animals.

    I swear rabbits must morph or are hermaphrodites.
    Good luck with all those bunnies
    What is John's calling?

  7. You've got babies everywhere! I wish you the best of luck, and I know if we lived closer, my kids would be begging me to take some bunnies off your hands!

  8. Love your blog! It looks like things are going great just up the road!
    Karen Darby
    (Woodville, South)