Monday, April 27, 2009

Surprise, Surprise - Baby Hippos

Each night Ava asks to say her prayers quietly to herself so we're not quite sure exactly what she prays for. But someone must be listening to her prayers since this is what we saw when we opened the bunny hutch this morning.


Baby Hippos

At least, that's what Ava thought they look like and I have to agree with her. I've never actually seen a newborn baby rabbit but they're not much to look at really. They are a random assortment of different shades so we really have no idea what they may turn into.

We were quite surprised, no actually, shocked since this is the rabbit that we bought last week at the auction who came with 4 "babies" already. The auctioneer kept saying these "babies" were only 3 weeks old and still nursing so they had to go with Mama.

I'm starting to think maybe these guys at the auction don't really have any idea what they're talking about. We've now brought home at least 3 "hens" that have morphed into roosters immediately after leaving the auction. And now we've got 4 "teenage" baby bunnies and 8, yep, 8, real baby bunnies. At least the teenagers are still really cute.

But now we need to quickly figure just how big of teenagers these ones are before we start having some very adolescence behavior out of these old "babies". Like it or not, we may have just become breeders of rabbits.


  1. I'm laughing and ooohing and aaaahing at the same time!
    You'd better check that bunny info soon! I think they sexually mature early!
    While you're working on the bunny breeding, you can also start a cock fighting club! Of course after the kids go to bed!

  2. I have had bunnies my whole life and I will tell you..... They mature FAST!!!!!

    I loved your bunny pics. It takes me back to my childhood. :)

  3. Dave and I died of laughter at this! We wanna come stay again.... you are the nerd!