Friday, January 2, 2009

Nathan and Ava - isms

Nathan today (in a mean voice as he smacked me):
"I KILL you, Mama."

Me (grabbing him roughly):

"We don't talk mean like that Nathan. It's not nice and hurts people's feelings."

Nathan (still mean and grumpy): "BUT I WANT TO."

Me (trying the higher law rule):

"But Heavenly Father told us not to be mean or kill people."

Nathan in a sad, teary little voice as he lay huddled on the bed cause he's super sensitive to criticism lately:

"No Heavenly Father be mad at me, Mama."

Ava to John while sitting at the computer:

"DAAAADDDDAAA, where did the fox with the world around it go???!!! I can't find it!!!"

(Somehow the Mozilla Firefox shortcut disappeared from the desktop and she couldn't figure out how to get on to play Elmo. We were thoroughly confused though since the fox hunters had hunted in our backyard today.)

On another note: We just bid on a used minivan on Ebay and won. We seem to have gotten a good deal but it was kinda a spur of the moment thing so hopefully it turns out well.


  1. I miss them. Connor was asking when they were coming back. Let us know how the van thing works out. I have been so interested in if buying cars on ebay really works and you get a good deal.

  2. HEY!!! It's Albanie. I saw your blog on your facebook. Hope you don't mind. I blog too!! Where do you live!? So beautiful! And your kids are so cute! Check my blog out!