Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah

Could we have more of a blah day? Or a blah week? It's gray and raining outside, the kids are STILL semi-sick so we're STILL sitting around the house in our pajamas and it's just blah....

Luckily Ava and Nathan aren't bugging me entertain them at the moment so I'm surfing uninterrupted. John is sleeping with a feverish Lias, who was in our bed all night since he's so sick. I'm not sure what he has but they've all had colds and coughs this whole week with little fevers thrown in here and there. Ava, my one that never gets sick, even got it so it must be yucky. Nathan, my one that always gets sick, has the cough and cold and the asthma that's triggered by it all so he's all out of sorts. And poor Lias, who is still smiley even when he's sick, has had something (nose, cough, fever) on and off for the past 2 weeks which makes it hard to get much done around here. And John and I, the ones who it doesn't matter if we get sick or not cause we're not getting a day off anyway, are also sick. I don't think I'm a fan of the winter.

On a better note, we got our car and it's quite fancy. We got a great deal on it and only had to drive about 2 hours to pick it up. It has the stow-n-go seating in it so the first time the kids got in they were very confused about why we bought a van without any seats in it. We shouldn't need a van for a long time but when we do we'll probably buy on Ebay again.

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  1. Sooo...when do we get to see pictures of this new van? Oh wait--you're all sick. Take as much time and you need. Love ya.