Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Life as we know it (this week at least)

The mighty fighter of the cold and provider of heat...

......kinda. The stupid furnace keeps shutting itself off so John has to get up a few times each night to push a button so the heat will come back on. But he and his guys have been working on it all week - they're learning a lot and haven't blown us up yet (even though there was a VERY loud bang down there yesterday). And it's the coldest week in Virginia in like 20 years. Go figure.

The messy and twerpy eater of vanilla wafers...

.....Lias. He's 7.5 months and 24 lbs and the kid won't eat anything yet. He snacks on like 9 cheerios every morning and thinks that constitutes a meal. I'm getting sick of being this kids main source of nutrients. But I found something he will eat the other day - he snarfed down 3 vanilla wafer cookies in like 2 minutes and now he's got a rip, roaring red bum to show for it. I guess we'll go back to trying the normal baby foods.

"I'm innocent, I swear.."

The builder of handmade boxes and no hardware -only joints and pegs -tables and such......

....John and Dan (John's bigger little brother) who visited for the holidays. John and he had fun working in the woodshop until the wee hours of the nights and made some pretty cool stuff for us. Here's my new sewing table that got utilized for a kitchen table for awhile and Nathan's new toy box to hold all his airplanes and cars.

The maker of yummy pies and bigger thighs.... I actually made this a week ago but just found it on the camera so thought I'd show it off. I don't really love pie but John does. I like cake instead but must admit that this pie didn't live to see the morning light. We ate it all that night. We also just joined a gym so we can hopefully get rid of all the extra holiday/baby/old age weight that we've gained. And it has 2 hours of daycare every day so I'll be there hiding in the locker room just so I don't have to change a diaper and maybe I'll actually exercise sometime too.

The eaters of snow and makers of snow men and wishers of more snow than we got......

..... Ava and Nathan. We got a good little snow shower the other day and everyone got so excited but by the time we got ready to go outside it was pretty much over. Nathan was just a little overdressed for the occasion and decided the snowsuit just isn't as fun as it looks. Ava is still convinced that winter won't be here until it really snows. I keep trying to convince her that we live in a place where it might not snow much but she's sure it will. Patience is a virtue...

The owner of the hottest body in the house and the wearer of many rolls but no clothes.....

....Chunka munch again. Sorry, I can't resist putting these naked shots on here, especially since you all now know that I'm the sole source of his chub. Wouldn't it at least be fair if he took it from my thighs to put onto his? Really, have you ever seen such lushiousness before? And these were taken before the heat went out, lest anyone think that this little walrus is getting cold. He had just blown out of his diaper of course and I wanted to get these rolls on film cause he's on the brink of crawling and hopefully he'll be slimming down soon.


  1. Ah Bootie- I miss you! And I really, really miss Lias and all his yummy largeness. I'm homesick...

  2. What a cute, squishy chunk he is! Man he is big! Your poor aching back! My Jack is only 26lbs, and is almost 2. He's so thin, I have to roll his waist on all his pants. I am trying to fat him up!
    Stay warm!

  3. We need to see that little butternut before he is a skinny little man. Brett said thanks for letting him see the butter butt. Fancy editing;)

  4. Lynnie, what cute kids! Your little guy is is so cute! I love the first naked pic of him. It made me smile and my littlest guy was pointing and smiling! I'm glad I found you!


  5. he he! I think the same thought every day. Wishing what she drinks and chubs up with would come off my thighs!!!!

  6. Hi Linnie,
    you've come so far since the last time I saw your family in dumphries. and even longer since Japan. on those cold snowy days in Japan your family was the one that I counted on most to help me through whatever problem that I had going on at the time. It's so great to see that you've given of yourself to your own family.
    I really miss the Donovans! Come and see my family at
    P.S. Have you taught your kids to ride cardboard down the stairs like you and sarah used to do?

  7. Love the picture of Lias. What a cutie!

  8. very cool table John- I am impressed.

    I love Lias' chubby body.

  9. Oh my goodness, Lynnie.... I love your "squishy" baby pictures!!!! What beautiful kids you have!