Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Since a few people are actually looking at our blog......

Here's a few more recent pictures of the kids and life here on the farm in Virginia--

Riding in the truck wait for Dada to move cows- they look deceptively happy about this

Fancy Schmancy in their Easter finery. John bought me a fancy camera for my birthday last year but since I haven't figured out how to work it I'm still getting their pictures taken.

Suave Nathan at 22 months. He's quite the little man and loves to talk and repeat anything I say- good or bad. His latests are "knifes for mama, no nasin" while nodding his head enthusiastically since he's gotten in trouble a few times for nabbing a knife when he shouldn't. He's also mastered a little funny hop in circles when he's really excited about things. If I knew how to You Tube I'd post it but I'm not quite that good.

Ava Mava in her fancy clothes. She picked the dress out herself and was very excited that I let her wear a cool necklace. She's only 3 but she acts like she's 6. And she's about as big as a 6 year old too! She's become very independent since I've gotten lazy and fat with this next baby but she still likes cuddles and hugs (mainly only from her Dada though!). But don't let looks decieve you: her favorite things right now are wrestling goat babies (we have 50 in the field behind our house) and dinosaurs (she's currently obsessed with them and is dead set on having a dinosaur party for her birthday in July).

One of those adventures you get into without really knowing why. Chickens. We started with about 10 last fall and then I lost track when I started the morning sickness. Next thing I know we have about 40 laying hens and 45 baby chicks (we heard there was a very high incident of death among baby chicks but we must have done too good a job since all but 1 lived). So everyday we get eggs galore. We used to sell them to a local store but now we're too lazy to wash all of them each week so they're just accumulating in the fridge. Anybody want some dirty eggs?


  1. Ava's hair was so long! Alex and I would gladly help you with those eggs if we could.