Tuesday, August 6, 2013

California Cousins

When we were planning our trip to California, we knew one of the places we wanted to stop was to see Nick and Abby in their new digs out on the West Coast. 

They moved out here to live with their dad about 3 years ago and we really miss not getting to see them grow up. Thank goodness for FB and Instagram and all those social media sites that teenagers like so we can still keep tabs on them. On our way up the coast to the Redwoods we swung over and popped in for an hour or so with them. 

Adele must have really wanted to meet Abby and Nick since she conveniently planned her birth just a few hours before their flight took them back to CA last summer. Adele took right to Abby and bum scooted all over the house. 

Meanwhile, Elias and Ava lost no time whooping up on Nick on the trampoline. 

I grew up on the East Coast and most of my cousins (and I have something like 50+ first cousins) were out West so I never really got to know them when we were kids. I love that these guys feel so comfortable with each other that even though they haven't seen each other for 6 months they're still fine with stacking up for a picture. 

And I sure hope this is the only muscly, good looking, hunk of a teenage guy that Ava ever wrestles with on the trampoline!! 

Elias doesn't know his limitations and really tried to push Nick around. Luckily, Nick was a great sport and kept Lias inline. Glad somebody does cause he can be a real pill sometimes. 

But Nick was having none of it. "No one likes a frowny face…. 

….change it for a smile….

 ….make the world a better place by smiling all the while!" Elias was trying not to smirk but it didn't work very well. 

The whole crew together in Nick and Abby's own environment. We're so glad that we got to drop in and say howdy and keep up the friendship. And I'm especially glad that my kids have the chance to really know and love their cousins, even if they live on the other side of the country!!

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