Friday, March 15, 2013

Wandering Off

I'm cleaning up the computer area and just came across this gem I managed to jot down - it's almost 3 years old but it still very much applies to Nathan's life.

Nathan 3.5 years (mad about something, my memories fails me here): "I'M GONNA WANDER OFF!!!"

Me (we'd obviously had a few conversations about wandering off without your mama): " You mean you're gonna run away?"

Nathan (frustrated): "This is the thing, I'm gonna wander off but....this is the thing..... I can't shoot a real gun so I can't wander off!!"

Me (obviously not scared by his tactics and probably not listening very well): "Mmmmhhhhh....."

Nathan (very seriously): "Are real animals scared of a pretend gun?" (Now in a very dejected voice) "Then I can't be a wild guy and wander off."

Nathan (about 30 seconds after I didn't respond to that either): "Mama, are there preschools where I wander off to???

Obviously, he was nervous about preschool, wandering off, and wild animals. What a life!!

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