Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Beached Whale

Hey, Baby Adele...

Who me?? 

Yep, you. It's time you thought about thinking about trying to maybe start moving a little…. you know, you are 7.5 months now and, I know it's hard to hear, but you're a little behind in the gross motor skills department…

Says who?? Nobody's mentioned anything to me.  

Well, this isn't my first time around the motherhood block, ya know. I've had some late bloomers before but I think you're taking the cake for laziness… 

So I might not be the most mobile…
but cuteness counts for something, right??  

Besides, I work out all the time. Don't let this belly fool you, I'm rock solid underneath. 

Everyday I do 200 crunches. See how tight my abs are?? 

Yes, I see how hard you're trying to sit up but you need to be able to roll first. It's one of those things the doctors offices ask about every time we go and moms brag about to each other. Time for your well loved "tummy time"….

OH FINE, I'll TRY IT!! But only because you're making me. Mark my words, this was NOT my idea!! 


For my own good?? YEAH RIGHT!!! 

Oh, I hate my life….waaaaahhhhhhh…..

I give up. I'm stuck forever. I'll never move again.

Enough drama baby. Roll over already. 

I can't. Really. I've tried before and this is as far as I can go. 

Besides, I'm quite comfy where I am… no use breakin' a sweat or anything. 

See?? I'm stuck. No movement going on here. 

Wait, I feel something back here…. yes, it's something new…. and cool…. 
if only I could get back there...

Almost there… I can almost reach it… it's all in the toes…


Adele Belle… Whatcha doing?? How'd you get over there?? 

Who me? Why do you ask? 

Just admiring the view from over on this side. Aren't these toes nice? 

But I have one favor to ask? Can you roll me back over? 

Cause I'm pretty sure I'm stuck. 

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  1. Love it. Sweet pictures. Good memories. I'm pretty sure you're going to cherish these...