Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lias Turns Three

Elias turned 3 with a big boy birthday party of presents and fishing. Poor kid is stuck in the middle of the birthdays so hasn't really gotten a party of his own.

He did share his toys nicely and take his spankings like a man.

Since he got a new fishing pole, we headed down to the pond and caught some nice guppies with him.


  1. WAHOOOOO! a new post!!!! : ] keep 'em comin Bood!!

  2. When did he get so big!!! Still miss hanging out with you on your farm!

  3. Happy Birthday, Elias!

    By the way, sorry if you already got my email, but I think I remember getting a failure notice that it didn't get sent to you, and I didn't have another email address for you. Anyway, I've started a new blog for our adventures in Moscow that you're welcome to visit.

    I hope you're all well!