Sunday, April 3, 2011

the Strength within

This little girl is so strong, yet fragile. She amazes me daily with her insight, her devotion to us and her desire to want to do what's right.

She's always looking out for someone else, trying to right a wrong or make someone happier. I had one of her little friend's dad tell me the other day that she was destined to be a diplomat when she grew up because she can defuse any situation and it's true.

She's in love with babies, absolutely obsessed and still dresses them up each day and brings them to me to watch all day while she's at school. Daily,I let her down or make her cry when I bark at her or loose my temper and nightly I pray for forgiveness and hope I haven't crushed her little spirit.

Last week she wrote, illustrated and delivered this lesson entirely by herself for Family Home Evening:

"doow (do) you nowe (know) how (who) are profit (prophet) is? he is Presint Monsin. HF (Heavenly Father but she used the abbreviation HF) sprks (speaks) to Presint montsin he tells him to tell us to be good this weekende are Profit will speek to us he will tell us the things that HF tollde (told) him to tell us."

Her testimony is fragile but strong -just like her personality -and she's eager to learn. Her faith and desire are so real that they make me want to do better and be a better person for her.

She has turned the tide on John being her favorite and now I have the honor, but I'm floundering to try to fill big shoes. I have big plans this summer to hang out and really enjoy each other. We're gonna learn to sew a little, play a little barbies and babies and plan a birthday party, for starters. I love my curly girly (hair compliments of one patient Auntie Laurel who introduced her to rollers. She bounced around all day.).


  1. Ava's such a sweetheart. Hopefully I can bring a REAL baby up your way so she can get some good experience (and urge you to have another one!). haha. Your summer plans sound FUN!

  2. She's so big!!! and BEAUTIFUL!!! oh man I miss you guys. Can you plan me into some of your summer fun too?

  3. sweet sweet sweet girl. I was just talking yesterday to a friend about you. They are going to holiday in USA and wanted to go to DC. ... then came me telling her all about you and your posh house!!!!

  4. chels - send her on down! and tell her to pack you in her luggage!

  5. She looks more like you every time I see pictures!