Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sick Piggies

H1N1 I hate you.
You've made our whole family blue.

Started in first on the weak and the whiny
Making Nathan's airways shriveled and tiny.

Now you've moved on to the rest of the men
Leaving us girlies wondering when.

While the rest of the world is outside in the beautiful fall
We're coughing and fevered and curled up in a ball.

So go away fast, let the Tamiflu work
Cause if you're still here on my birthday you're really a jerk.


  1. hahah Lynnie, you are my hero...:) Awesome poem

  2. ohhhh noooooooo ... that sucks.... hope you girls dont get it... xox

  3. hmm, well I was coming to say "Happy Birthday" but it seems a bit out of place?