Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Halloween

These are all over my house right now.

When we first moved to Virginia, we went out one night in late October and came home to a front porch with no less than 60 of these monsters all over the door. I just about cried when as we stepped on the porch and they all scattered everywhere, including up my legs.

I did cry when we got inside and realized the wind had blown the front door open and they were all over our living room too. I ran upstairs and demanded that John spray the entire farm cause I could not, would not live in a place like this. He laughed. I didn't.

I've come far in 4 years. The other night I stayed up on the computer till 1am but every 15 minutes I took a break to kill as many as I could before they scattered. This is the death toll after only 2 rounds. I killed over 35 in my kitchen and family room that night.

The only condolences I have are that they are really only around for about 3 weeks each year. They come out in the fall when the nights start getting colder, right around Halloween. They are wolf spiders and most of them are huge. We're talking the size of 2 quarters alive and 1 quarter dead, with legs all scrunched up. I now know to shake out anything that's been left on the ground, especially coats or blankets. Luckily, they really don't climb and I've rarely seen one upstairs.

So bring it on spiders. I'm not afraid of you anymore.

But if you come visit in the fall you may want to request an upstairs suite.
Although we do have a lovely guest bedroom downstairs if you're brave enough.

On a happier note, I had a great birthday (29?!) with most of the family sick.
I made my own birthday cake and did the laundry and made the kids mac n cheese for dinner. But I did get a call -that I missed, dang it- from one of my bestest friends from far away and I had to listen to it 3 times cause she talks so cool. And John promised me a really cool present, but I don't know if I really need/deserve it.

What do you think?


  1. SHUT-UP!! I'm pretty brave overall when it comes to the creepy crawlies--EXCEPT spiders!! AAAAAHHHHHHH! That is crazy gross and incredibly brave of you.

    Happy Birthday! So sorry your birthday wasn't the best. That means 30 is going to ROCK.

  2. I've got chills and am looking around my house for spiders! I would leave town those 3 weeks they are out and gross!

  3. Those are disgusting... Sorry but we will NOT be coming to visit you anytime in the fall! We both HATE spiders.
    On a positive note.. congrats on the the birthday and laptop! Maybe you will blog more often once you get it? :) Love you!!

  4. Seriously glad that none of my visits have coincided with the annual arrival of those things. We had them in Palm Coast, and I never got used to seeing them run across the floor out of seemingly nowhere.

    I hope you guys get to feeling better! Happy belated birthday!

  5. Lynnie, those spiders would send me over the edge! You are truly brave. :) Aunt Tammy

  6. DAve has a blog now!!!!

  7. Lynnie, those spiders are sick. I don't know how you manage it for three weeks.

    I vote you get the mac--the District just gave ME a new macbook to replace my old ibook! I'm excited and VERY happy with it--and it's a year and a half old! You would definitely enjoy it