Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm married to a 30 yr old man

30 reasons we love John Nathan Genho

1. He’s hot

2. He helps me with the kids

3. He’s liberal enough to make me laugh

4. I like when Dada plays the piano at lunch for me – Nathan

5. He fishes the pond below our house with the kids

6.I like cake from Dada – Nathan

7. Dada buys us presents whenever he comes home from trips – Ava

8. I like ever he eats cookies – Nathan

9. I like cause Dada cooks cookies sometimes – Ava

10. He does the dishes

11. I like him to pick me up in the mornings – Lias

12. He’s a peacemaker, not a fighter

13. I like Dada to come eat lunch with me at school – Ava

14. He kisses me every morning and most nights too

15. I like when Dada just tells stories – Ava & Nathan

16. He’s enthusiastic when he’s telling something he has strongly held opinions about

17. He's passionate about me

18. He lets us go along with him on business trips

19 .He’s full of fun ideas, even if I think he’s crazy he still gets the kids riled up and whatever it is, they do it anyway

20. Dada comes home from work and never stays – Ava

21. He truly likes coming home at lunch and at night, even if there’s a poopy baby, a whining preschooler, and a frustrated Mama waiting for him

22. He’s brilliant

23. I like to throw Dada down hard on the carpet – Nathan

24. He’s laidback and not much gets to him

25. I like him to hold me and dance with me in the kitchen – Mama, Ava, Nathan & Lias

26. He’s taking us places but lets me go places on my own too

27. He’s a big picture kinda guy while I get lost in the details. I seriously can’t deep clean the house without him to help me focus.

28. I like Dada to chase me on my bike outside – Nathan

29. He’s a hard, hard worker and doesn’t give up, even on computer models that hurt my head just to look at them.

30. He’s mine.



  1. I thought #23 was you for a sec and I was gonna be scandalized. I mean come on, Lynnie, let's keep it PG. (oh - Happy Bday John!!)

  2. awwwwwweeee.... love it
    compute models that hurt your head. I think I know all about computer models that hurt your head! We miss you guys. We were blaring out "they got married early... never had much money" the other day talking about you guys.
    Happy birthday John. xoxox