Thursday, September 17, 2009

Boot Wearing 101

It's a rite of passage out here.

Each kid has to go through it.

Retrieve the boot from the puppy that's hidden it under the 10ft tall, out of control boxwood bush in the front yard.

Carefully put your foot in, making sure there's no bugs, dog treats, snakes or other assorted paraphernalia to country living hidden in the bottom.

Grunt, yell, shriek and turn red in the face until someone comes to your rescue and helps guide your fat legs into place.

Can a baby get a little help around here Mama??

Struggle up, wonder why you have these clunky things on your feet. It helps if your toddler has reached the obsession with shoes stage in his cognitive development. This one is currently deeply in the obsession stage with all assortments of shoes, especially ones that don't fit him.

These boots actually fit him, although I'm not sure a boot should ever be tight on the thighs.

Waddle off thinking you're the coolest thing around.

Holler to the whole world how cool you are, even the bugs on the ground need to know.

Fall down.
And wonder why again you have these concrete things on your feet??

What? Huh, I can't hear you? Where are my boots?? What boots??

Who needs boots around here? I've survived the whole summer barefooted. Why ruin a good thing?


  1. He is such a doll, Lynnie, and you are getting to be quite an incredible photograher, yourself!
    I still miss hanging out with you!

  2. Great pictures! You baby's lookin' more like a little boy!
    At least the fat legs will keep the water from going inside!

  3. What a clever post. Lias is so darn cute!

  4. How did I miss this post? I can't tell you how lucky Lais is that I'm so far away. I just want to squeeze those chubby legs so badly!! What an adorable kid. And what awesome pictures, Lynnie. You rock.