Monday, August 31, 2009


I took pictures of my friend Katie tonight.

She's due on Thursday so we thought we'd better get around to it before this baby gets around to it.

She used to babysit for me last year and even though it'll be tough since she's so young and kinda on her own, she'll make a great mom if she puts her mind to it.

Stay tuned for shots of her little one in a week or so.


  1. Such cute shots, Lynnie. A blossoming photographer! You're letting your talent shine with a shoot like this. The top one is my favorite I think.. Love them. Perfect setting. Great lighting.

  2. Good Job Lynnie! I love the black and white ones.

  3. lynnie these are GREAT! She will love having them!

  4. She has gorgeous hair. I'm very jealous. Beautiful pictures.

  5. love em!! I needed you when i was prego!! They are beautiful.