Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I've owned a digital camera for 5 years and taken 1000s of pictures. And played with them way too much and got nowhere but frustrated. I've tried Picasa and Microsoft's crap and finally settled on PSE 7 for now. And tonight I've had a breakthrough cause I can now do this.

That's right folks. I put a frame around one of my pictures. A big, huge shout out to Erin, who hooked a sista up with a free online PSE scrapbooking class and a big, big, huge, huge thanks to Chels, who hooked me up so much and I didn't even know it till tonight. I just realized what all the files are that she gave me over 2 years ago and I'm like a kid in a candy shop just thinking of what they can do. Hundreds of papers, masks, frames, fonts, etc. Wow.

But for now, I have a frame around one of my pictures (and yes, I know it's not centered -it's not artistic, it's just I'm too tired to figure out how to fix that.) Hallelujah. Lets see if I get anywhere now.


  1. You should start doing digital scrapbooking! You will LOVE it. If you want a list of where to get freebies just email me and I will send it!

  2. he he he, you are a doofus! I just wish I was there to show you more in person! Freebies? I can do better than freebies!!!! he he. Ill post ya a disc!

  3. you rock again chels. and boy, do I wish you were here.

  4. wow! i know you've been talking about that forever! yay!!!