Sunday, May 31, 2009

Issues, my computer has issues

So yes, I've been on kinda a blogging funk lately. It just sometimes seems like such work to try to get the pictures off the camera, into the computer, downsized and played with, and then uploaded to the blogger world. By the time I get there, it's already midnight and there's a kid screaming in their sleep and I'm thrashed!

But tonight I really wanted to blog about Nathan's 3rd birthday party and my computer has major issues. I recently took the plunge and moved totally over to PSE 7 rather than using Picasa, mainly because Picasa has swallowed some of my very important pictures (try Nathan's whole birth folder - gone, poof, nowhere to be found) and I'm ticked off at it. I loved Picasa for it's ease but I figured if I just put a little time into PSE I'd get it. Wrong. Tonight I've spent 2 hours trying to figure out why I can't access my pictures file in PSE and I'm ready to throw the computer out the window. I'm starting to think it's not the program's fault but rather Vista, which I hate with a passion. So I've actually lost ground after 2 hours - I'm no closer to being able to quickly process my pictures AND I can't even find the #$%@^ ing pictures.

Does anyone have a program they really like? I thought PSE was supposed to be great but I'm not thrilled with it, obviously. I have almost 8,000 pictures over the past 5 years but I just want to be able to look at them. Help. Please.

On another note, we're alive and good. John's building boats, Ava just finished her first season of soccer, Nathan got his first superglue treatment tonight and it's holding his head together just great. Lias has a big week ahead with a little visit to the dr to fix a small hernia in his groin and his birthday all in one week. I just got over strep throat that knocked me down flat for a few days but think I have it on the run. IF I ever get my stupid computer to work I'll blog about all of it. Until then the pictures will continue to build up on the harddrive.


  1. I keep all of my digital photos on the original SDHC cards and just buy more cards. If you think about the cost of a roll of film in the old days, it quickly becomes reasonable to never delete a memory card? Also, do you have an external hard drive to back up on? I would definitely do that as well. I'm paranoid about losing pictures and this is my safety mechanism?

    Can't help with the photo editing though, there I'm all thumbs :-(

    Are you making any trips northward this summer?

  2. You don't have Nathan's birth folder? You should try and get somebody to recover that for you! How horrible. Also, Leanne's friend Jessica's son I think had a hernia in his groin... he had surgery to get it removed.

    Hope things are well! Good luck with the picture issues!

  3. Sounds like you & Lias survived! Let me know how it all went!

    I found out this week, Jack's blessing pictures & 1st Christmas pictures are lost! I am so upset! I know your pain.

  4. Dear Lynnie,

    Get a Mac :)


    P.S. I'll convince you tomorrow

  5. ooohhh noooo, not my beloved Photoshop!!!! Blame your computer! External hardrive to back up your pics... get em off your computer and then make back ups on disc too. But I wonder why they aint opening up... thats weird! And I agree with Jeff... get a MAC!!! Bummer about the strep.... I have had food poisoning.... still got a squeezy tummy but the night of throwing up was horrid! Hope its a good week for ya. Dave and I were looking at old pics the other night of when we visited. are too far away.

  6. Hey let us know how the doctor thing goes. We'll be thinking about you.