Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama Fan - Yes, I Do

Yesterday morning, after the kids woke me up at 6:00am and I got them breakfast and they still didn't let me go back to sleep, I decided to figure out who won the election. So with 2 squirming kids on my lap I listened to 18 minutes of Barrack Obama's acceptance speech for president. And ever since then, Nathan has been saying,

"Yes, I Do"

whenever you ask him anything.

"Nathan, would you like to go to the dump with Dada?"

"Yes, I Do want to go to the dump."

"Nathan, do you want a kiwi for breakfast"

"Yes, I Do want a kiwi."

He used to say "Yep" or "ok" or "uh-huh" but not anymore. Now he's stuck on a "YES" phase and the only thing I can think of that started it is the whole "YES, We Can" chants he listened to on the computer yesterday morning. So thanks, Mister Obama, for Nathan's change in his attitude. If he can change this:

Maybe he CAN change the world.


  1. I love it! And its President-Elect Obama. :)

  2. he he he he he he he ! And are we happy that Mr Obama won?

  3. Sure, why not. I didn't vote for him but I'm not gonna throw myself out the window cause he won. Best of luck to him.