Thursday, November 6, 2008

5 Month Milestones

Lias celebrated (if you can call it that) his 5 month mark with a runny nose and cold and a bunch of new milestones.

1. Sitting - generally he can sit, if Nathan's not around to push him over and he doesn't get too excited and rock himself over. All my babies have been able to sit up relatively early since they're definitely bottom heavy and Lias is by far the heaviest.

2. Chompers - last week he chewed out his two bottom teeth so now we have to beware when we let him chew on our fingers. He's actually kinda slow in this department since both Ava and Nathan got their first teeth around 4 months. I've never used bibs before with the other kids, but I've broken down and let him wear the tacky Winnie-the-Pooh bib around the house.

3. Rolling - kinda. He's rolled from his belly to his back at least 2 or 3 times but won't perform on command yet. But this is better than Nathan, who didn't roll until 7 months.

4. Eating - not really but he's tasted (tiny bites) applesauce, peaches and bananas. He's not too excited about any of them so we'll probably wait awhile till we give him the big stuff. It's not like he's starving or anything.

5. 12-18 month clothes. We broke out the bigger clothes today since I can't fit him into most of his 9-12 month stuff anymore. He's not really that long, just huge around the belly so no pants or overalls will snap and stay snapped around his thighs and waist. I'm hoping we can stay in this size for at least 3 months now cause I'm sick of going through clothes. I feel like I just packed these ones away 6 months ago.

He's also gotten quite good at giving hugs (grabbing your face at least) and open mouthed kisses, much to Ava's delight. And she's the one he likes to kiss the most. He's still the most easy going, pensive and good natured kid we've had yet.


  1. Connor is a skinny little thing and can still fit in some 18-24 mo tops...Lias is gaining on him! Maybe they can share clothes when you come. That baby is too cute--I miss him.

  2. Congratulation Lias! Wishes for many more months of accomplishments!

    Bood- I tagged you on blog!