Monday, August 4, 2008

This morning....

I walked out into the garage on this
and what did I see but these staring me down.

Each summer, the local orchard that borders the farm gives us as many free peaches as we can use. We eat and eat and eat until we realize there is no way to eat them all and that leads to..... work. Lots of work. Chels will attest to this since last summer we spent an entire day with our arms covered with sugary, sappy, sticky peaches and 5 kids whining at us. We ended up with over 20 jars of peaches to eat all winter long and they were soooo good but the thought of doing all this work again now with 3 whining kids and no Chels totally overwhelms me.
Now I realized that many of you would be thrilled to have a ton of free peaches sitting in your garage and I'm not trying to complain (although John would say I am cause that's my nature) but does anyone want to come help me can peaches? Please? I'll give you all you can eat. Anyone?

If not peaches then how about nectarines?

Or more peaches? Oh well, maybe I'll get off the computer and start doing something. It's a good thing I didn't have anything planned this week anyway. And wanna know the best part? In the fall they give us just as many, if not more, apples. So it starts all over.....

But they sure are yummy in the winter.

Here's what I would like to be doing instead:

Wouldn't it be nice to be 4 again and not have anything to do in the summer but swim in a pool filled with dishsoap? Especially when you have all the juicy peaches you could ever want sitting in big boxes in the garage next to you. I think these guys ate 3 each but they kept spraying me whenever I tried to take a picture so I gave up.

I'd even take a naughty little brother who doesn't listen and sprays me with 40 degree well water when I tell him to stop.

But I think Elias is really the one who's got it made. Time for a nap again.


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  1. OUCH that's a lot of peaches! If I didn't have clients to see and bread to earn, I'd love to help. Instead, I'll just come visit you this fall/winter and help you eat all the work you end up doing now!

  2. MmMMMMMMMM peaches

    I wish I was there to help. I only canned one box and we have about finished all of the goods.
    I actually love to can stuff- call me crazy

  3. I wish I were there to help you. I really want to learn how to can food, and I love peaches/nectarines. I'm pretty jealous of your loot!

  4. Those peaches look fabulously yummy, but I don't envy all that work. I'm sorry! I hope you can find someone to help.

  5. oh yum!!! i made peach preserves with rebecca norman our first year in ithaca. it was the first time i'd canned anything. they were so good. i should get off my butt and try it again. i think you're right though, without a friend it's not nearly as much fun.

  6. they are all slackers arent they Lynnie. Ill be there tomorrow to help you. Oh I am so sad I cant be there to help. Hanging with you in your kitchen chatting away is right on top of things I would lovee to be doing.... seriously!

  7. haha Lynnie you are quite the story-teller. I laughed my whole way through that post! Cute kids!