Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blessing a baby....

always involves a cute baby in white, lots of family and lots of food. We had plenty of all.

Elias was very cooperative and cute and luckily I got these pictures of him before the chaos of church started. Once all the family showed up it got a little too crazy to try to get pictures, plus he slept through all the food and fun.

Papa (John's dad) comes to all the grandbabies blessings and baptisms and we're sure glad he does cause each time he takes over the kitchen. This time we were blessed with all the fried shrimp we could stuff ourselves with.

I'm so glad that this is a trait that's definitely been passed onto my Genho man too. John makes a wickedly yummy biscuit that he whips up from scratch in about 5 minutes. I don't even try to compete, I just eat. Here he is in action.

I pray this runs in the genes and that Nathan and Elias will cook me all sorts of yummy things in my old age. Everyone that came enjoyed the bounty. Representing my family were: my parents Greg and Diane Donovan, Laurel and her 4 kids, Sarah, Spencer, Dolly, and Steve. As much as I can remember here was the menu: fried shrimp, round roast, Brussels sprouts, black eyed peas, stuffed squash, Grandma Donovan's whole wheat rolls, tons of fruit, corn on the cob, John's biscuits with our nectarine jam, and Sarah's chocolate chip cookies. The saddest part is there were hardly any leftovers.

Ava, Nathan and Elias had a ton of fun with their Papa, as they always do when he visits.

We spent 3 hours on Saturday morning at the local small animal auction in Culpeper with the counties finest buying and selling poultry and anything else small enough to be shoved into a cardboard box. This was my 2nd auction but my kids 4 or 5th since John indoctrinated
them each Saturday while I was pregnant and sick at home. We came home from the auction with all kinds of things kids love: rabbits, guinea hens, fancy Seabright banty chickens and "barnyard mix" (ie. mutts) baby chicks. Ava and Nathan have been smothering the bunnies and showing off their chicks to their suburbia cousins that came for the blessing. Even though Papa is now a big cattle baron, he used to breed fancy chickens in his younger years. Rumor has it he may have even had a few fighting roosters.....

Right before Papa left we tried to get a few pictures since the blessing day had been a little too crazy. Everyone was pretty photogenic, that is everyone but Nathan. Check out the looks he's giving in these shots.

Welcome to the family Lias. We're all blessed to have you here.


  1. ohhh great photos Lynnie. you did good girl! And Lias in white... blessing day... so gorgeous. Wish we coulda been there. Ive had Johns rolls and they ARE good!!!!

  2. I think you need to start putting scale objects next to Lias. Like... a watermelon... or a beach ball.

  3. Mmmmm...can we get some more of those biscuits when we come???

  4. tons. john likes to make them and we like to eat them.