Monday, June 1, 2015

Girlies of Girls


So our little Dell Dutz (we couldn't figure out why she called herself this for the longest time until one day it clicked - Dell is for Adele, since she can't say the whole thing, and Dutz is for "I do-s it!", as in "I'll do it by myself!". Now it all makes sense!) is the girliest of girls.

She has always been my little petite thing, weighing in as my smallest baby with fine little features in her shape and bone structure. I remember asking for reassurance after she was born, wanting to make sure she wasn't a premie since she seemed so small to me at 7lbs! 

She has a bit of a diva complex and can get away with many things with a sweet smile, a little cock of her head, and a sugary voiced "P-wease, I doed it, Mama?"  And if that doesn't work, there's always the resort of just flat out throwing a two year old fit and screaming and that usually works just right for her too.

  I find myself giving in to her more often than some of the others because the big kids are old enough to reason with and there's no 4 yr old right above her to deal with. There's a reason we've nicknamed her, "Fidel" instead of "Adele"! 

But for all her temper, whining, and naughtiness, she makes up for in sweetness too. Today after we got home from church, she insisted on going outside to pick a flower. John said, "If that isn't the girliest girl we've had, going outside to pick a flower, with her purse in on arm and her baby in another, all while wearing her fancy church dress and shoes, I don't know who is!" 

She is obsessed with shoes and often insists on wearing a pair to bed, the more sparkly the better. She loves to "d-wess" up like a "p-wetty, p-wetty, p-wincess" and I'm constantly trying to talk her into keeping the outfit she's wearing on or pulling it off in frustration to put on a dress up princess gown for her. She keeps things lively around here for sure! 

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