Thursday, September 18, 2014

To Remember this Moment

She's so adorable. Really, they all are. But since she's my baby right now and she's laying next to me so fat and squishy and delicious and baby-smelling, she's especially adorable and yummy. 

Her hair is wispy and thick in all the right places and makes her look a little like her dada- filled in on the sides and thinning on the top and always sticking up in the back. And that's adorable on her. 

Her hands have dimpled out into squeezable tubes of chub, and it'd be hard not to when you've put on 6 lbs in 7 weeks (up to 14.4lb from 8.6). 

And those cheeks. Yum. They're just a tad yummier than her double chins, but probably only because I found a mosquito squished between the folds of that lushious neck while bathing her tonight. She may not be able to move her mass much, but she can still defend herself! 

But it's her little lips I really love. The puckered up ones that break out into a huge grin when she see me smiling at her. The lips that let out that content baby sigh in her sleep and make me so happy. Those same lips that if I get close enough I can smell the sweet, milky softness of her little breath, moving in and out so smoothly.

And all this deliciousness is mine. But only for a little while since time will keep moving and marching and taking my baby along with it. So here is snapshot of I remember. 


  1. Didn't know that was in the works. Congratulations!

  2. very beautiful baby. There is nothing as precious as new life.