Monday, July 23, 2012


Lias (or Eli or Elias, depending on who's doing the calling) is a funny kid. Last night after dinner I was putting away food and found the gummy bear vitamins that have been in the door for months (or maybe even a year). I was looking at them and he noticed and quickly said "Can I have one?" to which I replied "No, not right now." Then he got this look on his face like he was remembering something and he goes "Please, I used the potty!"

When we potty trained him we used to give him gummy bears as a reward but he's been going potty all by himself for well over a year now. It was hilarious to hear and see him connect the two things together and watch the light bulb go off in his head. We all looked at each other, even Ava and Nathan, and just shook our heads and laughed. Then he laughed too. And, yes, I did give him a gummy bear.

His memory scares all of us sometimes because of how good it is. Just the other day he was telling me about how we went to a festival down the road from us but he wasn't allowed to jump on the moon bounce. I was halfheartedly listening until suddenly I realized that what he was saying was 100% true, but it happened over a year ago also. He had split his head open the day before we went to the festival so I wouldn't let him jump but Ava and Nathan got to. At the time, he was just barely 3 so I'm amazed he remembered it. He also told me a story the other day from when we went to Iceland, and that was like a week after his 3rd birthday so I guess his little memories start then. Guess we should start being nice to him so he doesn't have all kinds of damage, huh? :-)

Another funny thing about Eli - he doesn't just like something. He either loves it or he doesn't love it. As in, "I don't really love cleaning up the Legos, Maa (which is his abbreviated form of Mama)" or "Yes, I do have to have some more ice cream because I love it!" Oh, and if he isn't going to do something then he "amen't" going to do it - as in "Lias, please don't jump on me anymore" and he'll yell "I amen't going to jump again, Dada!!" Funny kid.

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