Thursday, June 23, 2011

Can someone tell me why this song won't leave me alone?

You know how you watch a movie and it sucks you in? Well, I don't watch many movies so when I picked this one instead of a nap on the flight home from Iceland, I was more than ready to give up on it and get my nap if it didn't suck me in. It did. I don't know why, other than the music and the whole country lifestyle thingy. Hard decisions about big life events coming up so it must have hit a cord. Whatever it is, I can't stop listening to this song and all the others he sings. Something about it…..soulful and twangy…. speaks right to me.

(PS. This was the only video I could find but it's a little PG rated so be careful if your kids watch!)


  1. You have good taste in music, thats why!

  2. Can't agree with you on this one...couldn't take more than a minute of this guy's voice! But we've always known that you have strange taste in most things. :)

    I'm pretty impressed that you lasted through that movie. I heard it was terrible, and have had enough of Gwenyth Paltrow singing on other programs I watch to be tortured by a whole movie about her singing!

    Post Iceland pictures already!

  3. Will you hurry and post Iceland pics!

  4. oh and the song... you are a hillbilly!