Thursday, July 15, 2010

Six.... and Spoiled Rotten

Just look what the cat dragged in for Ava on her sixth birthday....

We had a little bit of a rough go with Cinnamon the first week, hence no photos of her right away.

But she's eating now, which makes her happy, which makes her cute and playful, which makes Ava happy.


  1. That is a very pretty cat (and I don't like cats)! Now I can't come in your house though! Just kidding...I would suffer through my allergies to see you and your cute kiddos!

  2. Cute kids- cute cat! :) Thanks for the update!

  3. ohhh cheeky! I love kittens but DAve hates cats! Know what to do with rabbits that bite!!!! WE want rid of ours! And wedding pics... come on!

    Happy birthday ava cute girl

  4. I've always wanted a calico ... what a wonderful birthday present!

  5. What a cute kitty!! And a cute girl!! Happy Bday Ava.