Sunday, November 1, 2009

Overheard tonight

John takes Nathan off Ava's bed so we can say a prayer.

Nathan: "I'll kill you Dada. And then I'm gonna get a new Dada."

(This is Nathan's latest line for anything we do that he doesn't like. "I'm gonna get a new Mama or Dada." Usually this is said through tears and crying after we just do something like ask him to talk quieter in church or eat his lunch)

John: "Where are you gonna get a new Dada? At Walmart?"

Nathan (stumped for a minute): "No. Mama's gonna lay a new Dada and then we have a new Dada."

(Last spring when all the goats were kidding Nathan got very confused and kept saying that they were "laying" their babies since chickens lay eggs. Life on the farm is very hard for a kid to understand sometimes.)

Ava (laughing and laughing):"Mama laid Dada, Mama laid Dada, Mama laid Dada!!"

John and I couldn't help but laugh. And then we tried to change the subject.


  1. oh goodness- I can't wait to have kids!! :) haha

  2. hi sarah's sister-- it's bobby's wife and sarah's friend, nicole. i can't wait till i can finally come see your cool life down south. love the pics~

  3. Haha Thats great! Oh the things they say. Cant wait for bailey to start talking :p