Saturday, July 19, 2008

Swingin' and Swimmin'

Last week were we treated to a little time with one of our best friends from when we were in Ithaca. Becky and I were office mates when I was pregnant with Ava and amazingly, she's still thinks we're cool enough to visit. She's listened to me whine and complain through each of my pregnancies. She's even dealt with the morning sickness and cravings for hot dogs and dough nuts I went through with Ava. And although she's a high powered PhD-DVM professional career oriented woman, she's cool enough to come play with my kids. And they can't get enough of her, as evidenced through the pictures.

She was in town (DC) for 2 weeks for a seminar to get ready to head to Botswana for a year. She's been picked to do research on the epidemiology of the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa. How cool is that? She'll be blogging her adventures so make sure to check it out occasionally.

She came down to our farm for a half a day and we spent a muggy Sunday morning swinging and rolling in the grass. John showed off his garden, Ava and Nathan ate up the attention and Baby Lias enjoyed the extra arms to hold him. For a career woman, Becky is amazingly patient and sweet with babies and kids, which is probably why we are still such great friends.

Since we had such a great time with her on Sunday, we decided to crash her hotel on Tuesday night too. We spent a awesome night at her penthouse pool, while she and John played with the kids in the water and I nursed Lias. Then we headed home with 3 worn out kids. It was great.

Hurry back from Africa Becky-
Ava and Nathan and Elias are counting down the days!!!

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  1. ohhh that's so cool she visited... a good mate! Speaking of visiting... any chance John can make a business trip to Ithaca... the Dave man is going next week for 10 days!!!!