Saturday, December 16, 2006

Try this again!!

So my great friend Chelsea is here and teaching me all about blogs- her's rocks - and I'm trying to post to mine again. We've been having a blast the past week staying up late, making projects and driving around the farm. We bought a huge Christmas tree the other night and then realized why it was so cheap. It was massive and never trimmed so I spent the night trying to get it managable. It fills the entire corner of our dining room. But it looked such a treat for our farm Christmas Party on Friday night. It was really fun. We let all the kids eat their ginger bread father from the ginger bread house...rather funny!

Chels and I did a bit of arty farty stuff last night till 2 am while the boys played cards. Here's the finished product. An old window found in a barn here on the farm, filled with jazzed up black and white photos. We probably spent 30 minutes admiring it after we had made it. Cool!!!

And a cute pic of Nathan and John..... love my boys!

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  1. Finally--evidence that she lives! jk. I love the window...what size pictures are in there. It looks awesome. Where are you going to put it? I miss you. Call me!