Monday, July 24, 2006

Ava's Style

A few days ago we caught Ava in this outfit of her choosing. Old lady pink hat that she wears to all her "tea parties" she invites us to, farm girl thrift store boots that are the only ones she can put on herself, a set of broken pink pearls, and of course, no pants. Ah, the joys of girls....especially farm girls......


  1. Your children are so beautiful. Congratulations! :)

    Pink old lady hats are the cutest on little girls.

  2. Like mother like daughter! I have a picture of you in that hat. Luckily, you are wearing pants!

  3. i think i remember that picture. the house is coming along but i have a style ? for you since you've been in it. should i leave the stairs wood or carpet them? without carpet i'm scared of the kids falling but i think wood would look a ton better and be sooo much easier to clean than carpet. opinion?